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Crystal Clean Pro-Brush Cleaner has an exclusive cleaning technology. This germ fighting, non-toxic, powder-form cleaner is the first of its kind.


When mixed in water, Crystal Cleans’ signature effervescent action does the work for you! No more pruned hands from soaping and scrubbing, or using harmful, or abrasive solvents to clean your professional tools.


Use on makeup brushes, hair brushes, airbrush pieces, hair-tools & their handles, combs, tweezers, razor attachments and so much more. Each bottle offers multiple cleanings, depending on the number of brushes or tools being cleaned. It is scentless and leaves you with beautifully cleaned and conditioned makeup & hair brushes.

Our story

Crystal Clean Pro- Brush Cleaner was created by Emmy Nominated Makeup Artist, Cheryl Calo.  


A longtime Journeyman in the CA Local 706 Makeup Union, Cheryl became very concerned after discovering how toxic solvent brush cleaners, when handled in liquid form, are to the human body.


After a decade of development, Cheryl proudly created a product that is: 

 •Safe  •Non-Toxic  •Germ-Fighting 

 •Cruelty-Free •Easy to use

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